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6 Oils and Supplements that can Boost your Overall Health

Supplements and oils are becoming an important part of people’s individual health. Supplements are used to enhance our health and recent surveys have revealed that around 50% of people take at least 1 supplement daily. In the world of health, as they’re fairly new there is a lot of controversy around supplements. Some doctors can’t recommend them highly enough as they assist your body in staying healthy and being able to complete all its basic functions. However, others disagree and believe that you can fuel your body with all the vitamins and nutrients that it requires just from your diet alone. However, if you don’t have the healthiest diet, it’s likely that you should be taking supplements alongside what you eat, but they’re never to replace food. Now a day, supplements are readily available and can be purchased in any health store, and there are more supplements available. If you’re wanting to improve your health by taking supplements, then we’ve found some of the best oils and supplements that will help to boost your overall health. 

Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil is a natural oil that has many great benefits for your overall health. Some people see cannabis in a negative way as it is a class B drug, but this oil is legal and doctors are now encouraging people to use it. You might be thinking waar kun je wietolie kopen? If you are, then luckily for you it’s available to buy on many websites online and some have it at great prices. Some of the benefits of cannabis oil include – pain relief, reduction in symptoms from anxiety or depression, cancer-fighting ingredients and it can even help to reduce acne. 

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins that our body needs to be able to function well and maintain a good level of overall health. The most well-known property of vitamin C is that it can help your skin. As we age our skin goes through a lot of damage from various things such as sun damage and a poor diet. Vitamin C helps your skin by fighting free radicals and encouraging more absorption of minerals. In addition to this Vitamin C is also important for the performance of the immune system and is the most important vitamin for this function.  

Vitamin B12

B12 is an extremely important vitamin for our overall health and doctors have increasingly started to encourage people to take B12 supplements. Over 40% of people are currently Vitamin B12 deficient without knowing. Vitamin B12 deficiencies are more common if you’re vegetarian or vegan as most B12 that we consume from food comes from meat. Vitamin B12 is important for your metabolism, cognitive functions, and your energy levels. If you’re choosing to supplement B12 then you should take it in a spray form as the body finds it harder to absorb pills of B12. 

Vitamin D

D3 is one of the most important vitamins for the body’s functions. It’s really important for preventing any potential mood disorders, it’s vital for supporting your immune system, it helps brain functions, and is important for bone health. D3 is important for all parts of your health and after the last year of lockdown more people than ever are deficient in it as it comes from the sun, so this is a great supplement to take daily. This is another supplement that has the most positive impact if it’s absorbed via a spray. 

Omega -3

Omega-3 is mainly known for its importance in keeping your heart healthy but it also helps to keep your brain working and can help to prevent dementia, and it’s great for your joints and your immune system. This is another vitamin that you should take if you’re vegetarian as it’s mainly found in fish. 


Iron deficiency is more common in females than it is in males due to menstruation and it’s one of the most prevalent nutritional deficiencies worldwide. Having a lack of iron is known as anemia and it reduces energy levels drastically so it’s important to take iron supplements if you’re not getting enough from your diet. 

How to Prepare your Body for a Triathlon

During the last year or so, the majority of us have had a lot of spare time on our hands. During our recommended isolation, a lot of us ended up following some new trends. You may be familiar with the overwhelming amount of people that picked up the urge to bake banana bread or the people experimenting with colorful hair. Among the trends, one really hit the majority of the country and saw many people dedicating their spare time to it. This is of course referring to exercise. A lot of us saw the opportunity of not having to see anyone and having plenty of hours on our hands to work with.

As the world is starting to normalize, a lot of the exercise-based events that we’re unable to happen last year are making a comeback. If you are someone that puts a lot of time into improving your health during the isolation period, you may be looking for somewhere that you can test your brand new abilities.

There are a number of activities that you can participate in, but the one that we recommend that you attempt if you really want to push yourself is the triathlon. The triathlon not only tests your running skills, but it also tests your ability to ride a bike and swim. This means that you will really get the opportunity to push yourself physically, but be aware that your body requires a lot of preparation before you can even attempt to take on a triathlon.

If you are someone that is interested in taking part in a triathlon but you are not sure about what you need to do in order to prepare, then look no further. Here are our top tips on how to prepare your body for a triathlon.

Eat well

Though you may already have a healthy diet, a standard diet simply won’t cut it when it comes to training for a demanding sporting event. You have to make sure that you are getting plenty of nutrients as well as plenty of protein. To do so you have to make sure that you are eating foods packed with protein, like lean meats and poultry. You also have to ensure that you eat plenty of fruit and veg, in order to get vital vitamins that will help with the running of your body.

You also have to remember that you will be doing a lot of physical activities. Because of this, you will need a lot of energy. Before you go training and before you attempt a triathlon, make sure you have a meal with plenty of carbohydrates. We recommend a pasta and vegetable mix, as this will keep your body fueled as well as supplying your body with important nutrients.

Build your muscle

Being able to complete such difficult tasks consecutively requires you to be able to build up your muscle, If you are someone that focuses on weight loss more than you focus on muscle building, then you have to change up your exercise routine. As well as hitting the treadmill when you go to the gym, it would also be beneficial that you exercise with weights and other strenuous items. Exercising this way is crucial to muscle development as doing so helps tear muscle tissue, which reforms stronger and larger.

Other ways to gain muscle

Now, you may be someone who is in a rush to be ready for a triathlon, or you may find it hard to build muscle. Do not let this discourage you, as there are other techniques that you can use to make sure that you are ready for any upcoming triathlon.

A lot of athletes that want to build muscle mass faster decide to take supplements or steroids. For years there had been a misconception about the safety of steroids, but steroids are actually extremely safe if used correctly. Steroids are proven to be a fast-acting way to build muscle quickly and have been very commonly used in sport for some time now. They are used so much due to the fact they have been proven to have extremely good results.

With any sort of medication or supplement, you can of course get bad batches if you do not purchase them from a reputable source. You may be asking , ‘ what’s a really good place to buy steroids online?’. Well, one of the best ways that you can determine whether or not a company is reliable is through the transparency that they have on their page as well as their reviews. Good steroid companies will be very open about their ingredients and so if a company is not disclosing their full ingredients list, it probably isn’t a good sign, so be wary of sites like that.

Practice all sports equally

Though building up muscle through general exercise is important, you have to make sure that you are also practicing all sports equally. This is because all of the sports exercise different muscles and so you will want to make sure that you have all of your muscles covered in preparation. Being sure to practice all of the sports equally will also mean that the muscles that you are exercising are improving at the same rate. It also means you will not be tiring specific parts of your body out easily, which means you will be able to train without discomfort.

4 Surprising Health Benefits Offered by THC and CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are two natural compounds that are found in the plants of the cannabis genus. Or, better known as cannabis, or weed- and it tends to get a bad name for itself due to the idea that it’s always the kids that bunk school to go smoke weed and other drugs. But, this is not the case, in fact, there are many different health benefits offered by THC and CBD- and they help with different things!

What is the difference?

Well, THC is the psychoactive found in cannabis that produces the ‘euphoric’ or ‘high’ sensation which can be consumed in many different ways such as smoking it, oils, edibles, capsules, and many more. Remember, THC gets you high, that is the most important difference in essence.

CBD however does not contain any THC and the main purpose of it is to impost a feeling of relaxation and calmness, without the side effects of being high or having a trip. It can be found in the form of gels, gummies, oils, extracts, and many more.

Seizures and pain

CBD and THC have been found to help with conditions such as epilepsy and other seizure-related conditions by relaxing the brain and mind to make the individual feel calmer and more relaxed. This has even been successful in children, in the form of tablets which have aided their wellbeing and health massively. It was also found that in chronic types of pain such as cancer pain, neuropathic pain, and fibromyalgia, CBD was an effective way of pain management that didn’t cause any negative side effects. However, in the media, we are not being told of this scientific breakthrough which has the opportunity to revolutionize and change the field of medicine. The stigma behind CBD and THC needs to be alleviated so that these two natural compounds can do their job the right way!


One study found that the smoking of cannabis helped to decrease eye pressure by 30% in many studied participants! Glaucoma is controlled by reducing eye pressure and the THC found in cannabis was found to aid that recovery which is an amazing finding- who would have thought?!


Sleep is so important for a healthy and balanced life, nobody can deny that- and it was found that marijuana was an effective sleep aid because it allows the body to restore into a natural sleep cycle. I found that this particular strain of cannabis helped me with my insomnia and in this day and age have awful body clocks, waking up and sleeping at dodgy times, it was suggested that maybe weed is the way to combat this! It is also suggested that the other properties might also provide some relief for those with chronic pain to soothe a stressed and tense mind, body, and soul.


CBD oil has been found to help relieve anxiety, as it is able to give a boost in serotonin levels which control our happiness and mood massively. This early research into the effects on people with anxiety is promising and the fact the feelings of intoxication in CBD are not there will also help people who suffer from anxiety.

Many people may be too afraid of seeking out the help of compounds such as THC and CBD because of the negative connotation attached to them, but more exposure to the general population will help normalize using CBD and THC for medicinal purposes.

An In-depth Look at how Exercise Affects your Body

We are constantly told that we need to integrate regular exercise into our schedules. There is no wonder why an exercise is an essential tool when it comes to maintaining our physical health. The main reason that people promote regular exercise is because of the way it helps to regulate our weight, which can be extremely useful for a long list of physical ailments. However, the way in which exercise impacts our bodies is much more than what it does for our weight. Exercise can have a positive effect on every element of the human body. Here is a more in-depth look at how exercise affects your body.


Muscle mass

There is a big difference between increasing your muscle mass and just building glamorous muscles. Even if you don’t intentionally do exercise with building muscle in mind, it is still likely that it will naturally occur. As we age, our muscles start to naturally deteriorate. This can be extremely problematic when it comes to completing everyday tasks, as our muscles help us do simple things like walk for a prolonged time. If you are a male and you have already started to notice a deterioration in your muscles, you may be dealing with a testosterone deficiency. This is nothing to worry about too much as it can be easily dealt with with the correct treatment.  If this is something that you feel as though you are dealing with, be sure to check out a full testo-booster review at River Front Times.


Health conditions

As well as helping you with physical issues, regular exercise can also help with a lot of medical issues that you may be facing.

Being active helps to boost high-density lipoprotein, which can help to decrease unhealthy cholesterol. The production of lipoproteins helps to regulate the flow of your blood, which ensures that your heart is healthy.  This can prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases, which can be extremely detrimental to your physical health.

Not only does regular exercise help with cardiovascular issues, but it can also help to combat a long list of other health issues. One of the most prominent health conditions that exercise helps with is diabetes. Type 2 diabetes can develop due to poor eating choices as well as a lack of exercise. Getting regular exercise will ensure that you burn off any unwanted fats and will also make sure that your body is in the best condition that it can be.


Low moods

Exercise can also be extremely useful when trying to combat low moods. Low moods can be a big inconvenience when you are trying to go about your daily life. If you are someone who doesn’t like the idea of turning to medication to deal with your mood issues, then exercise may be a good solution. If you know anyone that regularly runs, you may have heard them refer to something called ‘runner’s high’. This is when your body releases oxytocin and serotonin, which some people refer to as the ‘happy chemical’. Making exercise a regular part of your routine will mean that you are constantly exposed to the chemicals that will make your mood better, which can be extremely helpful when it comes to trying to improve your mental health.



If you are someone that struggles to sleep, then you may want to implement exercise into your routine. There is no questioning that a couple of hours of exercise can make you feel extremely worn out. Though this may seem to be an unappealing factor, if you are someone that struggles to fall asleep, this could be the push that you need.

What is CBD and How it Can Help You Physically

CBD is a very versatile substance that is a product from the marijuana plant, however, like other, stronger substances that come from the same plant, it is legal for use in most countries worldwide. There is a common misconception that CBD is the same as THC which is the chemical that gets users of the drug high. Although one of the benefits of CBD is to help relaxation it is safe to use a product that shouldn’t be considered the same as THC.


Benefits of CBD

One of the biggest benefits of CBD is the positive effect it has on mental health sufferers or those who experience anxiety and panic attacks, there has been a lot of research that produced significant evidence in favor of mental health sufferers using CBD products to help relieve some symptoms. There have been many studies into this which is why you should feel safe and secure in at least giving some CBD products a try as it has been proven to reduce the number and the severity of anxiety attacks as well as producing a calming feeling amongst its users.

Another huge benefit of using CBD would have to be the fact that it can help relieve strong pains and in some cases as extreme as chronic pains caused by an illness. This is more experimental in terms of the amount of research there is presently, however in many medical trials using CBD was in some cases the best pain relief option when com[pared to household medications like paracetamol and ibuprofen. The fact that these products are legal in most areas is reason enough to at least try using this treatment option if you are someone who deals with pain and injuries on a regular basis.

A final benefit of this amazing product is that it can help those who are experiencing sleep deprivation issues, the relaxing sensation that CBD produces in your brain is said to be an amazing way to help your body switch off and get ready for sleep. For anyone out there who is suffering from serious sleep conditions like insomnia CBD could be just what you need to get your sleep pattern on the right track and improve your overall physical and mental health.


Versatility of CBD

When it comes to the ways in which you can purchase and use CBD there are a lot of options to choose from, it seems that the recent trend in using CBD products has influenced the accessibility of CBD products with more and more businesses being established. Many CBD retailers operate on an online platform where you can find different forms and flavors of CBD each with a selected dosage so you can tailor the strength to your needs. CBD products are usually clearly labeled with recommended daily dosages so as long as you check this out before you take anything you can be made aware of any side effects.

CBD comes in much different fun and easy to use forms, from vaping to sweets and oils that can be added to your drink. You can guarantee that there is a CBD product out there that is perfect for you and your lifestyle. CBD is very versatile so the effect is pretty much the same no matter which product you choose, this means that you can select a product based on your own personal preference and taste. Experts say that vaping CBD is particularly effective and that as long as you make sure you use a cbd vape cartridge properly your experience should be a good one.


Side Effects

If you are trying any new form of treatment for the first time it is likely that you will want to be aware of any side effects that come with CBD, the fact is that this product is pretty tame and as its effects are quite subtle CBD is normally extremely safe to use. It is only in excessive use that you could feel nauseous and dizzy and may experience some sickness and diarrhea. In this case, I would recommend that you stop using any CBD products until you are feeling better, if the symptoms worsen or persist for a few days you should speak to a doctor.

These are the 5 Best Dentists in Australia

Dental care is one of the most important areas of healthcare and taking care of your teeth is vital to maintain basic hygiene. Most people brush their teeth twice daily but this isn’t enough to care properly for your teeth, you should also use mouthwash twice a day and floss daily. Whilst this is a great routine it’s also important to regularly have your teeth cleaned by a dentist. Choosing a dentist is important as going to the dentist is scary for many people so choosing a dentist that makes you feel relaxed and you like makes it more likely that you’ll attend your appointments. The best way to find a dentist is to ask your GP, ask around your friends and family and look at reviews, or if you don’t want to do the work we’ve found the 5 best dentists in Australia for you.

Byford Smiles

The Byford Smiles dental clinic in the Byford area is the first dentist in Australia to make this list. They offer outstanding customer care and try really hard to make your first visit as easy for you as possible. They really take the time to get to know you at your first appointment and address any concerns you may have to help put you at ease. To make sure they provide you with the right treatment from day 1 they’ll perform a full oral exam of your teeth including x-rays, this is why they’re one of the most loved dentists in Australia.

Acorn Dental Centre

Acorn Dental Centre has been providing people in the Byford area with great dental services for a long time and is one of the most popular dentists in Australia. With nine passionate dentists working here it’s no surprise that they can cater to every patient. They provide a wide range of services from simple procedures like cleaning to solving more complex issues like root canals. If you’re looking for a new dentist then this is a great place to go as with such a large team working there you’re bound to feel comfortable with at least one of the dentists.

Lee & Mak Dental Surgery

Lee & Mak Dental Surgery is also located in the Byford area so if you’re from this area and looking for a new dentist you’re spoiled for choice. They’re a family-run surgery, so the atmosphere is a relaxing one which is perfect for your first visit and as they’ve been practicing since 1995, you can feel confident in their abilities as this is a lot of experience. As they’re a family-run business, they’re a particularly good choice for other families.

Beenyup Dental Care

Beenyup Dental Care in Byford really puts the patient experience at the heart of their business. They’re one of the most experienced dental clinics when it comes to emergency procedures and has built up lots of experience in this area. Due to the nature of their specialty, they have lots of extra things in place to try and make you feel as comfortable as you possibly can should you ever need an emergency procedure. If you’re planning long-term for potential emergencies, then this is a great dentist to check out.

Marri Gum Family Dental

Marri Gum Family Dental is the most advanced clinic in Byford, as well is offering amazing services already they are innovative and are always developing new ways to make your experience better. This is a great dentist for any families with young children as if you’re going to struggle to make it to their dentist they can meet you at a location that is more convenient for you.

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