These are the 5 Best Dentists in Australia

Dental care is one of the most important areas of healthcare and taking care of your teeth is vital to maintain basic hygiene. Most people brush their teeth twice daily but this isn’t enough to care properly for your teeth, you should also use mouthwash twice a day and floss daily. Whilst this is a great routine it’s also important to regularly have your teeth cleaned by a dentist. Choosing a dentist is important as going to the dentist is scary for many people so choosing a dentist that makes you feel relaxed and you like makes it more likely that you’ll attend your appointments. The best way to find a dentist is to ask your GP, ask around your friends and family and look at reviews, or if you don’t want to do the work we’ve found the 5 best dentists in Australia for you.

Byford Smiles

The Byford Smiles dental clinic in the Byford area is the first dentist in Australia to make this list. They offer outstanding customer care and try really hard to make your first visit as easy for you as possible. They really take the time to get to know you at your first appointment and address any concerns you may have to help put you at ease. To make sure they provide you with the right treatment from day 1 they’ll perform a full oral exam of your teeth including x-rays, this is why they’re one of the most loved dentists in Australia.

Acorn Dental Centre

Acorn Dental Centre has been providing people in the Byford area with great dental services for a long time and is one of the most popular dentists in Australia. With nine passionate dentists working here it’s no surprise that they can cater to every patient. They provide a wide range of services from simple procedures like cleaning to solving more complex issues like root canals. If you’re looking for a new dentist then this is a great place to go as with such a large team working there you’re bound to feel comfortable with at least one of the dentists.

Lee & Mak Dental Surgery

Lee & Mak Dental Surgery is also located in the Byford area so if you’re from this area and looking for a new dentist you’re spoiled for choice. They’re a family-run surgery, so the atmosphere is a relaxing one which is perfect for your first visit and as they’ve been practicing since 1995, you can feel confident in their abilities as this is a lot of experience. As they’re a family-run business, they’re a particularly good choice for other families.

Beenyup Dental Care

Beenyup Dental Care in Byford really puts the patient experience at the heart of their business. They’re one of the most experienced dental clinics when it comes to emergency procedures and has built up lots of experience in this area. Due to the nature of their specialty, they have lots of extra things in place to try and make you feel as comfortable as you possibly can should you ever need an emergency procedure. If you’re planning long-term for potential emergencies, then this is a great dentist to check out.

Marri Gum Family Dental

Marri Gum Family Dental is the most advanced clinic in Byford, as well is offering amazing services already they are innovative and are always developing new ways to make your experience better. This is a great dentist for any families with young children as if you’re going to struggle to make it to their dentist they can meet you at a location that is more convenient for you.

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