Staying Healthy in the Office


Sedentary lifestyles are becoming the norm in the 21st century western world. Fast food outlets, junk food, television, computers, the internet, working behind a desk – all of these things have unfortunately contributed to a lifestyle devoid of exercise. Due to the fact that many modern day jobs revolve around sitting in front of a computer for eight hours per day, five days per week; it is imperative that people working in these types of jobs don’t become sucked into a sedentary style of living. Heart disease is one of the biggest killers in the western world and is a result of the new western lifestyle – quick food, zero exercise and lots of sitting around. Heart disease can be avoided by eating healthily as well as by ensuring regular exercise.


Lunch is important

Having lunch is extremely important for any office worker for a variety of reasons. First of all, energy is important. You might be sat down for the vast majority of the day but this does not mean that your energy levels aren’t affected. If you’re working all day then it means your brain is working all day, energy levels aren’t just affected by the amount of strenuous activity that you do, they can also be determined by non-strenuous activities – mental activities can sap energy levels just as much as physical ones. Therefore, it is important you eat well and skipping your lunch break should be a big no no. Try to venture outside of the office for your lunch break at least a few times a week. Of course, eating with colleagues is important but so is fresh air and exercise. Eating the right food helps your brain to function so don’t be tempted to visit fast food restaurants during your lunch hour.


Drink plenty of water

What office does not have a water cooler, the place where colleagues gather round to have a chat and take a break from their work. Make the water cooler your best friend – its contents are golden. Drinking plenty of water is important for your health in all sorts of obvious ways that I’m not about to lecture you on. Avoid fizzy drinks like Coke and Red Bull.


Stretch, walk around

Without wishing to sound too obvious, sitting down on a computer chair for hours and hours every day, is not good for you. If you work behind a desk in an office, you might spend over 100 hours a month sat down. Many companies provide their employees with good, often expensive computer chairs, which is at least something, but, to sit down behind a desk all day is certainly not what humans have spent tens of thousands of years evolving for. If you are reading this whilst sat at work on an extremely uncomfortable chair, without a doubt you should ask your employer to invest in a comfortable chair – your future health depends on it.


Workplace exercise

If you’re workplace allows such a thing, you could purchase office exercise equipment to use whilst working. Many companies online now offer workers the chance to buy equipment to stay healthy in the office workplace. From desk running machines to bike desks, there really are a variety of ways where you can incorporate exercise into work. Of course, this is not for everybody. I can’t imagine it is ideal to be sweating and smelling in the office at 11am and your colleagues would not appreciate it. On the other hand, you could do your office exercises in the last hour of the day so you can have a shower when you get home.


Exercise outside of work

If exercising during work hours is not something that appeals to you (and who can blame you) then it is important that you do some form of exercise outside of the office. Whether it is jogging in the evening, going to the gym or playing football, be sure that you don’t mix a sedentary working life with a sedentary home life. The best esports players – professional athletes who earn a living from playing video games – have a hard time turning away from a sedentary lifestyle. Their days, more often than not, revolve around spending at least eight hours sat in front of a TV screen playing a video game. This is why many professional esports players ensure that they eat healthy and exercise when they can. Remember regular exercise is also important for the mind as well as the body. Exercise has been proven to ease the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Even if you are in your twenties, a lifestyle that consists of sitting and little exercise will soon catch up with you and extra weight is a lot harder to take off then it is to put on.


When you get home try to do more than sit in front of TV no matter how tired you are

One of the easiest things in the world, after a long day at work, is to come home and sit in front of the TV. You’re likely to be exhausted, maybe a bit annoyed with the bus home or at one of your colleagues and all you want to do is watch Coronation Street or Game of Thrones, that’s fine – but try to avoid doing this every night. Research has suggested that watching TV for more than three hours per day will  decrease your life span – television viewing is major sedentary behavior. Instead, read a book, talk to family, meet up with some friends – just try not to get into the habit of watching television every evening after work, your life could, literally, depend on it.


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