How to Prepare your Body for a Triathlon

During the last year or so, the majority of us have had a lot of spare time on our hands. During our recommended isolation, a lot of us ended up following some new trends. You may be familiar with the overwhelming amount of people that picked up the urge to bake banana bread or the people experimenting with colorful hair. Among the trends, one really hit the majority of the country and saw many people dedicating their spare time to it. This is of course referring to exercise. A lot of us saw the opportunity of not having to see anyone and having plenty of hours on our hands to work with.

As the world is starting to normalize, a lot of the exercise-based events that we’re unable to happen last year are making a comeback. If you are someone that puts a lot of time into improving your health during the isolation period, you may be looking for somewhere that you can test your brand new abilities.

There are a number of activities that you can participate in, but the one that we recommend that you attempt if you really want to push yourself is the triathlon. The triathlon not only tests your running skills, but it also tests your ability to ride a bike and swim. This means that you will really get the opportunity to push yourself physically, but be aware that your body requires a lot of preparation before you can even attempt to take on a triathlon.

If you are someone that is interested in taking part in a triathlon but you are not sure about what you need to do in order to prepare, then look no further. Here are our top tips on how to prepare your body for a triathlon.

Eat well

Though you may already have a healthy diet, a standard diet simply won’t cut it when it comes to training for a demanding sporting event. You have to make sure that you are getting plenty of nutrients as well as plenty of protein. To do so you have to make sure that you are eating foods packed with protein, like lean meats and poultry. You also have to ensure that you eat plenty of fruit and veg, in order to get vital vitamins that will help with the running of your body.

You also have to remember that you will be doing a lot of physical activities. Because of this, you will need a lot of energy. Before you go training and before you attempt a triathlon, make sure you have a meal with plenty of carbohydrates. We recommend a pasta and vegetable mix, as this will keep your body fueled as well as supplying your body with important nutrients.

Build your muscle

Being able to complete such difficult tasks consecutively requires you to be able to build up your muscle, If you are someone that focuses on weight loss more than you focus on muscle building, then you have to change up your exercise routine. As well as hitting the treadmill when you go to the gym, it would also be beneficial that you exercise with weights and other strenuous items. Exercising this way is crucial to muscle development as doing so helps tear muscle tissue, which reforms stronger and larger.

Other ways to gain muscle

Now, you may be someone who is in a rush to be ready for a triathlon, or you may find it hard to build muscle. Do not let this discourage you, as there are other techniques that you can use to make sure that you are ready for any upcoming triathlon.

A lot of athletes that want to build muscle mass faster decide to take supplements or steroids. For years there had been a misconception about the safety of steroids, but steroids are actually extremely safe if used correctly. Steroids are proven to be a fast-acting way to build muscle quickly and have been very commonly used in sport for some time now. They are used so much due to the fact they have been proven to have extremely good results.

With any sort of medication or supplement, you can of course get bad batches if you do not purchase them from a reputable source. You may be asking , ‘ what’s a really good place to buy steroids online?’. Well, one of the best ways that you can determine whether or not a company is reliable is through the transparency that they have on their page as well as their reviews. Good steroid companies will be very open about their ingredients and so if a company is not disclosing their full ingredients list, it probably isn’t a good sign, so be wary of sites like that.

Practice all sports equally

Though building up muscle through general exercise is important, you have to make sure that you are also practicing all sports equally. This is because all of the sports exercise different muscles and so you will want to make sure that you have all of your muscles covered in preparation. Being sure to practice all of the sports equally will also mean that the muscles that you are exercising are improving at the same rate. It also means you will not be tiring specific parts of your body out easily, which means you will be able to train without discomfort.

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