How to Find a Dental Professional


For some people, especially those who have dental insurance or live in a populated area, finding a dental professional might not seem a daunting task. However for the uninsured, or those who have special requirements, a successful search to find someone for either routine or emergency dental care may involve some research. With some good search skills and persistence, there is no reason that anyone, even those with limited budgets, should be unable to find the service they need.

Moves are a life event that, many times, require patients to find a new dentist: in Greenville, SC or Los Angeles, CA, the goal of those seeking dental care is the same. The American Dental Association recommends that patients ask their current dentist for a recommendation before they move, as well as asking relatives or friends who live in the area for names of dentists from which they have received work they were happy with. Pharmacists and general practice doctors can also be good sources for the names of dental professionals.


Dental Associations Can Provide Names

At the municipal, county, and state level, different types of dental associations exist throughout the United States. Call, write, or email these organizations and ask for their recommendations, as well as lists of dentists in the area. The organizations may be listed in telephone directories, newspapers and magazines, as well as at various locations on the internet.

Visiting several dentists, asking them questions, and picking who you like the most is a sensible way to proceed once a list of prospective names has been assembled. The personalities of dentists preferred by friends might not be the best fit for you, even among professionals who are similarly qualified. If you feel more comfortable being treated by a man or a woman, or perhaps by someone who shares your religious views, there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to find someone you are happy with.


No Reason To Go Without Dental Care

For those without dental insurance with limited budgets, seeking treatment with a dental school might be an option worth considering. Services vary from location to location: the American Dental Association is reported to provide lists of institutions that provide dental services at reduced rates, or entirely free.

Many dental schools that offer services provide equipment and materials required for treatment at no cost. Some state social assistance programs offer coverage of dentist’s services, depending on a variety of factors. Contact your local social services administration board or agency for more details. Some dentists are also willing to provide their services at reduced rates or accept payments in installments, particularly for emergency procedures.

People with physical and mental disabilities, and their caregivers, face additional challenges. Universities that provide dental training, as well as the ADA, are good places to start in the search for dentists who are both willing and able to treat those with special needs. Not all facilities are wheelchair accessible – calling and asking beforehand can avoid disappointment and wasted trips


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