How Legalizing Weed has Improved Canada

There is a lot of controversies when it comes to the legalization of weed but Canada has been commended for their positive response to the changes in laws and the legalization of marijuana is said to have brought about positive change for the country. There is a lot to discuss in terms of the benefits of taking weed and the reasons why it was time to make a change in a more positive direction when it comes to the laws surrounding drug use. Many share the opinion that marijuana has positive benefits for the mind and body and that the country of Canada is much better off for legalizing the drug.


Economical Benefits

One of the biggest ways that legalizing weed has improved Canada would have to be the fact that it has brought a significant amount of economic value into Canada through the development of weed retailers and companies. With all of the economic issues that we are all facing due to the pandemic, it is nice to see that something as simple as legalizing weed can have such a positive effect on Canada and its economy.

In these uncertain times where jobs are scarce, the marijuana industry is something that is going to bring business owners revenue and profit, whilst creating various different jobs in the sale and production of the drug which I’m sure we will all agree can only be a positive thing. Where the pot industry would previously work above the law in the shadows the industry has since changed to become a very profitable sector that makes up a significant amount of Canada’s economy in the respect of making money as well as providing various employment opportunities to the public.



As previously mentioned cannabis was previously sold illegally where it could not be monitored in terms of any nasty additives that are being put in with the weed to increase profits. Now that cannabis has been legalized in  Canada it can now be monitored and the standard of how to correctly produce the drug has been set. Now that it can be monitored the authorities are able to keep the drugs out of reach of young people who were previously able to get it illegally. It is a common opinion that because weed is now legal in Canada it is actually much safer than what it was prior, in order to make more profit it was common practice to mix the drug with other substances that can be very harmful. Making weed legal has only made it safer for cannabis users as there are regulations in place to make sure that only a pure and natural product is being sold.


Benefits of Weed

When it comes to cannabis everyone has a different opinion in terms of what it can do to you in both a positive and negative way, however for those that believe weed can be a great source of pain relief and a way to better your mental health it is great to see that those people can legally access a drug they require. Even in a recreational setting weed is considered by many to be less damaging than alcohol with many more reports of crime as a result of alcohol emerging in comparison to crimes caused by marijuana users. With this in mind, there really is no reason why weed should be illegal as it should be the responsibility of the user to take the drug in a way that is safe and reasonable. There is a common misconception when it comes to using weed and as Canada has taken huge steps towards making it legal we have seen a huge change from people feeling negative about the drug to them being more considerate of how weed has many benefits for many peoples specific situations.

Weed is a great pain relief product that has proven to be very effective in treating a range of different conditions, it has been proven to help relieve the stress of mental health issues as well as being a great remedy for conditions that involve sleep deprivation. This versatile drug can be used in many ways and it shouldn’t be frowned upon especially when it is used as a medical treatment, now that it is legal we have seen some great new strains that are developed especially for the treatment of a medical issue like insomnia, which is why the canadians love the bc strain so much.

Overall, the legalization of weed in Canada has been a huge success with it making a huge change for the industry in a very positive way. It is now much safer and controlled meaning that you can now get a quality product rather than having to source it from a more unconventional and unethical means.

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