Etizolam – Dea’s Diversion Control Program

Etizolam one of the newly developed designer drugs from benzodiazepine, though the drug etizolam molecule differs when compared with this analog drug benzodiazepine still has features somehow similar to benzodiazepine. In medical field the Etizolam mainly used as anxiolytic and amnesic. And in some cases this designer drugs uses as skeletal muscle relaxant agent too. For treatments like insomnia and panic attacks the controlled usage of etizolam would result better than any other approved drugs. At the same time, care should be taken on usage levels.


If the intake level goes beyond the controlled level one can experience side effects like skin lesions and blepharospasm – which can be elaborated as abnormal muscle contraction in eyelid, though there is no proved result behind the formation of belpharospasm in most cases it will last for few days and be cured automatically.


Many countries around world authorized this designer drug Etizolam as controlled substance. But in case of United States Etizolam either approved or rejected by FDA (Federal Analog Act). Since Etizolam not announced as controlled substance by DEA’s Diversion Control Program – which is the responsible authority on dealing with controlled substance in US.

The main purpose of forming DEA’s Diversion Control program it’s to detect and investigate the diversion of legitimate channels from utilizing controlled substances. It doesn’t matter whether Etizolam considere as controlled substance or not? Preferring online would be the best option if any one opting to consume this wonder filled designer drug Etizolam. Also it is highly recommended to be aware of those usage details and levels before planning to consume Etizolam by own.

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