Common Signs of Breast Cancer


One out of eight American women will face breast cancer at some point in their life, therefore, it is vital that you know the signs and symptoms of breast cancer so you can act quickly if you suspect the disease has developed. It should be noted that many people will notice one or two of these symptoms which does not mean that breast cancer has developed, but a collection of symptoms along with one or two marked changes should definitely warrant a trip to a healthcare professional. The prognosis for those with breast cancer is much higher for those in which it is caught quickly.


Lumps or Lumpiness on the Breasts

Breast tissue naturally has a bumpy texture, and some women have lumpiness in their breast naturally. This is not something to worry about if you can feel it all over your breast and nothing has changed. However, if you start to feel areas that are hard, different, or just off then you should have your breasts checked by a healthcare professional. A hard lump or one that suddenly appears can be a sign of breast cancer. It can also be a cyst or blocked duct so it should not cause you to panic until after you are thoroughly checked out.

Basically, any lump that is different, new, or changed is something that you should have your healthcare professional check out now instead of later. Additionally, you should be aware that just because one lump was benign in the past does not mean a new one will be as well. You need to have every lump thoroughly checked out. If it turns out to be cancer it is best to treat it early with medical oncology treatment for breast cancer Denver CO.


Discharge from Your Nipples

Another sign of breast cancer is any new, odd, or troubling nipple discharge. This usually occurs when the nipple is squeezed so discharge alone is not concern for breast cancer, but there are a few more scenarios when it can be much more concerning.

For instance, if discharge occurs spontaneously without squeezing the nipple this can be a sign that you should get checked out for breast cancer. It is also more concerning if the discharge only flows from one nipple instead of both. You should also be alarmed if you notice bloody or clear discharge that is not milky at all. Many times nipple discharge is caused by an infection and can be treated quickly by a doctor, but it also can be a sign of cancer making it something that should be checked out promptly just in case.


Breast Cancer: the Silent Enemy

Unless you are further advanced, breast cancer does not have a lot of additional symptoms and signs that can tip you off to its early presence. This is why women need to be proactive and check their breasts on a regular basis. Regular self-examination of the breasts and scheduled routine mammograms are the best way to catch breast cancer before it can spread.


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