5 Positive News Stories from the Medical World

Lately, the media seems to focus on the negativity more than it does the positivity, even when it comes to healthcare. In fact, the last 18 months or so have proved how much the media can talk negatively about a topic – that topic being the pandemic. For that reason, this article will bring to light some of the relevant and positive stories from the news world and what it means for healthcare. Keep reading for more.

A Nobel Prize In Medicine Awarded To Two Scientists

In the headlines right now is the story of two American scientists who have studied our sense of touch and temperature – doing so by analysing how signals are sent to our nervous system. That means we might be able to understand and treat chronic pain symptoms better than ever before.


David Julius and Ardem Patapoutian discovered the molecular bases of converting nerve reactions into stimuli — for example, burning your tongue on a hot drink — and how our brains pick up that sense. They rightly won a Nobel prize for their groundbreaking research that can potentially help millions of people globally.


Angela Spang wins Queen’s Award For Enterprise.

Angela Spang is a modern innovator with over 25 years of experience in the industry. Although she is Swedish born, she lives and operates her company, June Medical, from the UK. Earlier this year, Angela won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise with her help towards creating the surgical retractor from June Medical. Angela pioneered a new device that built upon the concepts of an older, much harder to use retractor device.


That’s not all she has achieved – Angela also owns another company, Mosaic Surgical, which helps professionals market their medical devices.

New ‘Every Mind Matters’ Campaign Launched

The new Every Mind Matters campaign launched by the UK government aims to help adults suffering from mental health after half of the adults in the UK admitted they’re struggling after the pandemic. Stephen Fry, Arlo Parks, and Jay Blades are some of the people supporting the campaign.

The campaign will feature a platform where people can answer five questions to get a tailored Every Mind Matters plan and signposted towards free services. There is more of a focus than ever before on mental health and how to support people through mental health struggles.


The Introduction of Spiritual Medicine

Globally, dementia affects 55 million people, and there’s an increasing and worrying prevalence of the degenerative disease. That’s why it’s lovely to see a local community in Manchester, UK, use music to help people with dementia. Dubbed spirituality medicine, a local orchestra helped people with dementia write music. Music has long been used as a therapeutic aid in healthcare.


Healthy Diabetes Patients Can Achieve Remission

One article in the media right now is the ability of diabetic patients to achieve remission. Diabetes was once thought to be a lifelong and somewhat life-limiting condition. Yet, new research has proven that healthy diabetes patients with excellent compliance can achieve remission – meaning they won’t require insulin products to get by.

It’s a step in the right direction towards helping the ever-growing list of people diagnosed with diabetes.

Those are some of the most positive news stories from the last few months. Healthcare continues to innovate and evolve – it’s not all negativity. The media tends to only report on the negative stories that they know will generate the most revenue.

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